7 Proven-Steps to help you market your art and broaden your audience without overwhelm


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  • How to present your art in a way that makes it irresistible to potential buyers
  • How to attract the right buyers without gallery representation so you keep every dollar you make
  • The best-kept secret that converts prospects into buyers better than any other sales process.
  • How to avoid wasting time creating art that wont sell.
  • Where to get free resources and the support you need to sell your art faster and without overwhelm.  

Hi there! I’m Rachel Wilkins, your Art Business Coach.  

I am passionate about helping artists build sustainable businesses. I live, eat, sleep, and LOVE art business. Why? Because I experienced first hand the struggle of trying to make it as an artist in New York City.  

If you are struggling to find your collector base, unsure where you fit in the art market, or, just plain old confused about where and how to market your art, it’s time to jump in.  

Let me share with you how you can utilize your creativity to grow a profitable art business. Giving you the freedom to make more art, feel more confident, make more money, and have fun in your art business.  

Art business is not rocket science, and you don’t need to be an art business addict like me to do it well. I’ll show you how with the Jumpstart your Art Business FREE GUIDE.

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